At the level of energies there are every kind of bupms and whacks.

It is time to move on, but not breaking yourself down – you sould not do that. And there is no need to sacrifice yourself – stay firm to what you believe in, even if the external environment gives you different signs.

If you have not decided in your heart how you want to carry on, then you will stay where you are until you are ready to accept the new. You do not have to make an effort, but rather letting it all come to you. Thoughts have power, I am talking about this often in my meditations too. So even a thought like „I do not bother to do one thing or another…”, then you might end up losing it. You might lose your job or your partner in that way. Think of what you wish for yourself, because „I do not bother…” has usually been said by the way and is easy to let go. If you realease your wish, it will manifest right away.

To find the new things in life- what I want to do or who do I wish to be with, is a usual theme that people carry with them to my receptions. First, we have to analyse what is it that you are the most afraid of and if you are making the new step, then what is it that you are definately not going to accept. If you are letting go of your fears, you can look ahead, it is safe. I do not believe that if you do not like something, then you should close the door and then the new door will open – yes, it will open, but are you sure that you can wait until then or are you actually meeting with the fear, which puts a choice in front of you that says that you have to step there where you did not plan to step and you cannot get back to where you were before. You should live your life so that you are happy – and you are happy if you take bold steps, which may be emotionally difficult, but they are necessary, beacuse they carry you on, because you let yourself be who you really are.

For example – you have been working in the same job position for a long time and it does not satisfy you any more, you want something new, but you don´t know what. You hand out the letter of resignation and you are free. It is okay for a month or two (fears of paying the bills are arising), three months, but the right choice appears on the sixth month – and the fears start arising or you will accept the much worse job offer with worse colleaugues (good if it goes better). The same is with realtionships. It is easy to throw everything away, beacuse someone told this or that, but in your heart everything is different. Again you have to look at the bigger picture and what you are ready to face. Is the man/woman with who you are feeling so much fun together really as safe as that one who is at home as a sofa decoration, because there is no spark between the two of you? You have to find the spark between you or the spark inside of you that makes you smile. If you find what makes you happy then even the sofa decoration might follow your joy and wake up or at least support you, but will it be the same with the new person who is used to shining himself (he himself is the most important for him)?

Yes, the energies on nowadays want decisions, but as you are the creator of your life, then it is okay for you to stand by until you have thought everything through and are ready to accept.

What does the invisible world do-there are so many creatures that support us and the non-supporting creatures won´t bother the ordinary people, but yes, if you have decided to dedicate, then you need knowledges and courage to stay neutral or to protect yourself, but protect like you won´t use tons of different protections, but only one that is unique to you and makes you feel safe. So many people are openening to new energies and in the future, it is needed to know how to take care of your energies – in order not to waste them with all the world. You can live your life neutrally if you are feeling safe – you can feel safe if you believe that there is always somebody who cares – and that somebody could be you from your future and you don´t have to see it, but it is there and will always be at your side.

Make decisions and live your life according to yourself and be neutral to the environment that surrounds you. You are the creator of your life and nobody is smarter than yourself – trust yourself!