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If you are lost and do not understand yourself, then I am here for you – you will get the knowing when you are reading this text.

*Supporting situations (exams, contests, operations, coordinating different arguments, birth, death etc)
*Individual meditation according to your deepest needs (fears, old patterns, mother-father lines, programs, money, blessing the life path)
* You need support, because your body does not listen to you and you feel the feelings of others
* You need support to finding a new path, beacuse the old one is not enough
* You need an energetic purification, beacuse your aura field is bumpy (you are tired, nervous and cannot be in the company of others anymore, on the job, there is no energy)
* You need neutralisation from what happened in the childhood/adulthood (neutralising the subconscious events, healing)
* You need the healing/change of your life´s pattern (healing the mother-father line)
* Removing limitations
* Removing curses and the bad creatures, who are moving in your energy field (superconscious)
* I am teaching you how to take care of your energetic body/field, if needed – will purify the things that protect you
* Healing
* Removing the blockages in the body
* Cleaning the energy of homes
* There is more that I do, but if you know and feel that I can help -you will come to me at the right time, beacuse I can help only those who need my help, others, who I cannot help, they will not reach to me.

In my work I am using the essence of human´s own energy, beacuse this is the best fenergy or everybody and of course, I am being helped by people´s own and my own awesome helpers, who are free of influences (name them as you want- guradian angels, ancestors, fathers etc). I love to work in the superconsciousness, but if needed I work with the subconscious as well. I channel the information and deal with the astral work, if needed I will send away the spiritual creatures from the home and the energetic field.
Know that I am not a wizzard and I do not live in your body, but I will do what I can, though you have to live your life on your own – it is a skill to be able to live freely, it is a challenge to trust yourself.

To book a session/appointment:
– send a message WhatsUP Estonian/Spanish nr +37258055302
– send a message through the homepage
– send an email:

Individual meditation:
1in 45€ person
2in 35€ person
3 in 30 € person

Private session: You feel the amount of contribution- as much as you are ready to contribute in yourself, it depends on how fast result you wish for. You can always choose the best option for you and make a transfer:

Receiver: Marsil OÜ
Bank Account: Swedbank EE482200221065323352
Explanation: Nõustamine, teraapia jne

Answering to letters, calls, one question – 25, looking at the bigger themes: 55, 66, 77, 88…€

Counselling, therapy

1 h (Contribution) 77, 88, 99, 111,…€
1,5 h (Contribution) 99, 111, 222, …€
2 h (Contribution) 111, 222, 333, 444,…€

Removing creatures 333, 444, 555, 666, 777….€
Purification of home or location and creating a protection 77, 88, 99, 111, 222 ….€
Purification of the field of aura, healing and opening the channel 55, 66, 77, 88, 99, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555…€

Marge Riks

The helper, knower, the one who sees and works with energies
Chanelled with the name of the Soul´s Angel/Spirit´s Angel (holding, developing and healing the soul)