opening the channel of information and practicing

How to get information? What is channeling and how does it actually work?
We all are channels/sensitives/knowers and use the field of infromation subconsciously in order to get information.

We will open the channel consciously and feel it with our bodies. We share experiences and help each other to experience, because there is no right or wrong, so why not to use and share it.
Those who have participated in this workshop are channeling consciously – yes, you could alway channel solutions to problems about schoolwork or private issues, it is all about trust. You can train the trust through reflection and that we do in the workshop. If you wish, you can think of the questions you have always wanted for an answer, but you haven´t got the answer – we will channel the answers!

Tha channel is basically the initial energy information level, it is an energy that is independent, pure and free of influences – we will go see, where does this information comes from.

If you feel the invitation, or wish to experience that more privately – I am always opened to offers.