THE SOUL´S ANGEL/ THE SPIRIT´S ANGEL – the one who channels, holds the soul, supports, shows the way, the creator and the healer

The world is such an amazing place to live in, but only on an independent way and without influences. We are being influenced and made addicted to situations that we do not understand at first. We are not being unerstood and heard, beacuse people are in mess with themselves.

Through the fears is when the influencing takes part and the digging in the past, in order to stop the time, so that there wasn´t a progress. We need the progress so that it would be safe and that the human being could be conscious in its decisions and about where and how it shares its energy.

I am psychic/knower/independent learner/healer/experiencer/channeller/mover of the energies in the astral. I am the Reiki Master. I have always been special and sensed and read the signs since my childhood.

I get my knowledge mainly from the astral helpers/creatures. I take take the energies that I need for my development, so I take only a piece of it, make it suitable for me, because we are all so different and everything does not suit to everybody. When I visit the astral world, I mostly clean, recover the field of aura, heal the energy. I also communicate with the spirits and if needed, I remove the demons. I close portals and channels that are not useful to human beings. I change (through the superconsciousness) the patterns in the timeline and heal the subconscious mind. I care about the soul´s well being, so I support if needed and if it is needed I send the soul away. The soul should always be held and protected, independent and without influences and in pure energy.

I organise journeys/meditations, I attend with the group and share the information that is needed. I work with the initial energies, so I create a connection with what we all come from.

I have studied: Moscow´s Inernational Psychic Academy And Energy-Therapy Academy (Estonian branch) – Diploma.
The channeling seminars of Kristiina Raie and different masters/healers workshops.

I studied in the Institute of Holistics.

Only those people reach to me, who have to come and they are sent by angels/spirits, who need me. I wish love to everybody else in this wonderful planet of ours.
Marge Riks

Marge Riks

Channeled with the name of Spirit´s Angel.

The soul´s angel means holding, developing and healing the soul/spirit.

Who is she?

For a long time I have been getting the information to write more about myself.

Who am I – a usual human being, like I always say. I wake up every morning and I am thinking that am I really the one who knows and can, beacuse the world is huge? I am the channeller of the initial essence, the remover of the limitations, the riser of the frequency, the healer. I trust my intuition and the chanelling – I am courageous to speak my own truth, but I will not push it to make it yours, at least I try not to. I help as I can, but I will not forget myself, because if I am feeling bad, I cannot help anybody.

I am 47 years old, but I look younger – I do not use any tools for that, but I rather try to be happy and neutral, and deal with my worries when they appear. If I feel tired, I look older. I have different faces and angles, because I am a chameleon, who adapts easily and searches for a way out – I love freedom and wellbeing.

I speak through my own stories and I am not ashamed of my life, because we all live as we can and there is no right or wrong, there are only knowledges and the skills you have at the moment. I have no regrets in life and I try to be my own friend. I listen to others and notice the signs, but I make my own decisions and it is no one´s business of how I live my life – I look at the mirror, beacuse I have made my own decisions.

I have two wonderful children – I love them very much and I am ready for everything in their name, but I try not to interfere too much, because they have to live their own lives. I have an enourmous package of experiences that they have given to me through my family, but if I didn´t have it, I could not help so many people out there, so again – I am a happy human being. I also have two amazing dogs, who clean, support me and help me to go ahead if needed. I experience a lot, so I get a lot of knowledges and I stay neutral in this and I can look out of the window for hours, enjoy my coffee and the wonderful views.

I cannot praise myself too much, but I am straightforward and again I have to say – if you do not like it, do not push it. Always do what is best for you.

I direct people to the intial energy at my meditations/events and because I am able to move between frequencies without limitations, then I am able to direct people even higher, beacuse the frequency of home might be a bit low for them. There is always the right amount of people in my events and if only one people comes, then she/he must be so special that she/he may not even match to the group, so she/he needs to have the support privately. All the people do not see, hear, sense or know – we are the same from the outside, but if you look closer, we are all so different. Some, who do not see, their energy is still moving, but they just have to be physically relaxed and then the leader talks and sees instead of them ( in case the leader sees, hears or knows). So do not wish for anybody´s abilities, because you have the best abilities for yourself – they have teached us to trust others, to envy. Always trust yourself and notice the signs and be proud of yourself.

I always speak in very different themes at my sessions – someone needs to be directed to teachings, someone needs to be purified from the creatures, someone needs to be supported. I am the remover of limitations and the riser of the energetic levels. Yes, I am removing the limitations from your life and rising your energies into more higher frequencies, plus I am removing the bad creatures that are really bad and do not let you live, they create emptiness, depression and anxiety. I am not a doctor and I am in favor of the medicine, but I also know that the western and the alternative medicine should go hand in hand, because you cannot get help out of bills only – they make the symptoms go away and may make you feel better, but you have to do a lot by yourself. The most efficient cure is the power of will – this always helps. The best destroyer is fear, illusions, manipulation – people destroy themselves through fear. So one should stay neutral, but it is not always possible and of course, I get fears myself, but only for one moment, then I gather myself and look for solutions.

Other thing that I do not reccommend, is to suppress your emotions – emotions need to be expressed or let go, beacuse otherwise it can also destroy you.Feelings shouls be balanced, so if you rumble from outside, you have peace inside – so you are balanced and you do not waste your energy. I give my energy to children and let them swing my energy from time to time – I just love them, but if you do not want to – nobody gets anything, at least I try to lead my body.

I do not write much, because I have not taken the responsibilty that I have to and make an effort – no, I do not have to. Theose people will reach to me who should and if I have to share anything, then I will – writing here or in a video blog.

I have had so many experiences and my invisible helpers are always guiding me – and I am also guided by the people who reach to me. I am honored to see the development in people and the change in their energy, healing. Thank you for the trust. This is growing, healing, awakening.
Am I smart enough – no, and I will have so much more interesting times ahead of me, and if anybody gets smart in the end – I am not sure of it, I doubt it.

I love my path and if it makes the world a better place, then I am satisfied. And I am also satisfied if only one people will smile and that one is me, because everything starts with oneself.