If you feel that you are not yourself – then take the time and meditate or have an inner journey in your own energies.
Meditations/inner journeys are created according to the group energies:
if there is a struggle, then we will create lightness
if there are material issues, then we will create the abundance energy
if needed, we remove the fairs
if you need to fly in ease through the everyday workdays, then we bless the way.

For participating in meditations/inner journeys, please write to me
When meditating in the group, the participation fee depends on your inner feeling and it lasts 1,5-2 h.
Since the cosmic energies are so powerful, these will change your life. I am always opened to invitations and it is also possible to order private sessions from me.


All the meditations have transforming results, so be prepared to change your life for better, which means that sometimes you have to give something up, so that the good can come.

Sometimes we need a reminder or support to go ahead. Here you will find your message with a meditation, a teaching of how to create a safe space around you, so that your body feels good.

How to find the one that suits you best?
Breathe in, look at the numbers and sense or look at the headline – all the meditations are different, they have different energy in them, so if you resonate to something, then this is your meditation for now and in the future if you ever will need it again. Since we vibrate in different levels and worlds, then this is the one for you. Trust and everything is as it is supposed to be.

Every mediation is with participation fee, but I have also made them as a gift if I feel so.

If you make a contribution, then changes will appear faster in your life.

How to find the perfect contribution? Just close your eyes, sense and send the amount that comes to you, then just receive this wonderful transfromative energy, without expectations. Expectations may restrict you. And if you are ready to contribute even more, then the solution may appear even faster for you. But really feel it before, sense it.

After getting your contribution, I will send you the recording that you can download into your computer.
(The contribution of the Masters- 15,22,33,44,55,66,77,88,99,111…euros – you choose and you can send your own amount too. We are all different, so that is why there are different contributions)
Receiver Marsil OÜ
Swedbank EE482200221065323352
Explanation: Date or the name of the meditation

Let me know and send me an email, where I can send you the meditation.
Write to me on FB messenger or email:

Meditations with the same headlines are carried out in different dates, that is why they differ from each other – I read the energies of the people at that time – so feel, which one really resonates with you. If you are choosing according to the dates, then your energy will resnonate to that meditation.